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Analyzing Andromeda

In this article I'm analyzing the card pool of tournament winning Andromeda runner decks. To do this, I'm using the deck lists provided by Stimhack.

I'm limiting the decks to the "Double Time" and "Fear and Loathing" time period. It still gives a relatively big amount of data, and the cards of the last data pack didn't really make it into the most popular builds. (If you ask me Andromeda builds haven't really changed much since "Opening Moves".)

Andromeda decks are quite uniform, usually they don't show as much variance as other identities, so they are ideal for statistical analysis. There is only one build that differs  from the standard Andromeda deck, that is the Blackguard build. I will filter these out, and it still leaves us with 44 decks out of the 47 in total.

I'm providing two data after each card in brackets. Average number and percentage of being used in decks. For all the cards, see the summary table at the end of this article. So, let's see the most popular cards broken down by type!


This includes burst economy and awesome criminal events.
We have Account Siphon [2.93; 100%], Dirty Laundry [2.93; 100%] and Sure Gamble [2.93; 98%] as the top money making cards. Usually Account Siphon by itself convinces people to play criminal and makes corporations grind their teeth. It's one of the best cards ever, many players consider it overpowered.
Other awesome criminal events include Special Order [2.77; 100%], Emergency Shutdown [2.36; 98%], Inside Job [2.22; 95%], Hostage [1.09; 57%] and Easy Mark [0.98; 39%]. Tutoring for the right breaker or contact helps criminals a lot.

Forged Activation Order [0.62; 32%] and Infiltration [0.53; 30%] do not see as much play as they used to.


Desperado [2.80; 100%] is a must have and sadly, you better have three of it. In my experience, this is the card that nets you the most credits. I often mulligan if I cannot see it in my opening hand. Plascrete Carapace [2.36; 95%] is also an auto-include because of Scorched Earths and Punitive Counterstrikes. Usually two is enough because of Andromeda's ability. R&D Interface [1.84; 84%] is needed to maintain a lock on R&D, which is quite important when playing against a fast advance corporation. Other hardware are rarely ever used.


Andromeda decks usually have a couple of Connection type resources. Kati Jones [1.66; 89%] provides the runner with credits. As for additional card draw, players tend to use one of the following: John Masanori [0.34; 30%], Professional Contacts [0.34; 34%] or Mr. Li [0.27; 20%].
Same Old Thing [1.55; 64%] adds some event recursion (Account Siphon, Emergency Shutdown, Inside Job, Special Order) and Daily Cards [1.09; 41%] can be used for getting ever more credits.

ICE Breakers

Since sentries can be dangerous these days, Faerie [2.07; 84%] sees quite some play. Other cheap breakers come from the anarch suite: Corroder [1.80, 100%], Yog.0 [1.07, 86%] and Mimic [0.95; 84%]. Please note that these breakers depend highly on Datasuckers.
Femme Fatale [0.77; 70%] is there to handle troublesome ICE (i.e. Tollbooth) and can also break sentries if needed (do not forget!). Crypsis [0.75; 61%] is usually a quick access through any ice (even Chimera), but consumes a lot of credits and clicks. These two programs might help you out if other breakers have been trashed or discarded due to damage. Power Shutdown can be a real pain to the criminals, since they have no program recursion on their own (Clone Chip, Test Run, Scavange).

Other Programs

The only program worth mentioning here is Datasucker (2.61; 89%). It's just essential if you are running Yog.0 or Mimic, and it also cuts down the cost of breaking ICE. It works well with the expensive-to-strenghten breakers: Femme Fatale and Crypsis. Any other programs are marginal.

Data on all cards used

titlesetusedAIU 1
Account SiphonCore100%2.93
Dirty LaundryCreation and Control100%2.93
Special OrderCore100%2.77
Sure GambleCore98%2.99
Emergency ShutdownCyber Exodus98%2.39
Inside JobCore95%2.39
HostageOpening Moves57%1.95
Easy MarkCore39%2.44
Forged Activation OrdersCore32%2.00
Lawyer Up True Colors16%2.13
BlackmailFear and Loathing11%1.64
Quality TimeHumanity's Shadow11%1.82
Levy AR Lab AccessCreation and Control7%1.00
Déjà VuCore2%2.00
Satellite UplinkTrace Amount2%2.00
Test RunCyber Exodus2%2.00
The Maker's EyeCore2%2.00
Plascrete CarapaceWhat Lies Ahead95%2.48
R&D InterfaceFuture Proof84%2.19
HQ InterfaceHumanity's Shadow9%1.22
Clone ChipCreation and Control7%1.57
Dyson Mem ChipTrace Amount7%1.29
e3 Feedback ImplantsTrace Amount5%1.50
Lemuria CodecrackerCore2%3.00
Akamatsu Mem ChipCore2%2.00
Silencer 2Double Time2%2.00
DoppelgängerA Study in Static2%1.00
Kati JonesHumanity's Shadow89%1.87
Same Old ThingCreation and Control64%2.42
Daily CastsCreation and Control41%2.66
Professional ContactsCreation and Control34%1.00
John MasanoriOpening Moves30%1.13
Mr. LiFuture Proof20%1.35
Armitage CodebustingCore11%2.09
Compromised EmployeeTrace Amount5%3.00
Bank JobCore5%1.50
New Angeles City HallFuture Proof2%2.00
Access to GlobalsecCore2%1.00
Raymond FlintMala Tempora2%1.00
ScrubberA Study in Static2%1.00
The Helpful AIWhat Lies Ahead2%1.00
The SourceCreation and Control2%1.00
Underworld ContactA Study in Static2%1.00
ICE Breakers
FaerieFuture Proof84%2.46
Femme FataleCore70%1.10
KnightMala Tempora7%2.00
Gordian BladeCore7%1.00
ZU.13 Key MasterWhat Lies Ahead5%1.50
Deus XA Study in Static2%2.00
TorchMala Tempora2%1.00
Other Programs
Sneakdoor BetaCore9%1.78
CrescentusA Study in Static5%1.50
Savoir-faire 2Double Time2%3.00
Magnum OpusCore2%2.00
KeyholeTrue Colors2%1.00
Self-modifying CodeCreation and Control2%1.00
1 - average if used
2 - card of Double Time, actual usage could be higher

Update: I just realized that mplain has created similar statistics for all store championship decks. Check it out!

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